General management consulting

Ensure permanent growth

The Organisational Services

NH Consulting & Engineering offers expert advice to ensure the sustainability of your company.

The accompaniment is not decreed it is lived.
More than a generalist, NH Consulting & Engineering is committed to your professional project and gives you the advice you need to run your business.
He takes pride in your success and supports you through difficult times.

  • Forecast management;
  • Analysis of costs, margins, profitability 
  • Investment projects: cost and profitability;
  • Dashboards, budget control.
  • Contribution to the protection of the company’s assets;
  • Profit optimization study;
  • Management ratios;
  • Assistance in the prevention and treatment of business difficulties.

Our consulting firm is an expert in financial management and will guide you through this technical and strategic process.

Consolidating accounts makes your company’s accounts more visible. This precise vision of the economic situation, assets and results of your group is essential to your decision-making and to the optimization of your development strategy.

  • Analysis of financial management and return on investment;
  • Financial ratios;
  • Working capital analysis and management techniques;
  • Credit systems, leasing, factoring;
  • Participation (study, assistance, practical implementation);
  • Creation of files for grants, reduction of transfer duties, exemption from business tax.

NH Consulting & Engineering helps you build and strengthen good relationships with banking and financial institutions.

The experts at NH Consulting & Engineering, specialized in consolidation, provide you with customized solutions. Our relationships are based on trust for a long-term relationship tailored to your needs and the environment of your business. 

  • Creation of files in the context of business creation and establishment;
  • Analysis of financial structure;
  • Establishment of cash flow plans;
  • Construction of medium and long-term financing plans;
  • Choice of financing methods and establishment of credit files;
  • Table of uses and resources (historical and forecast);
  • Central balance sheets;
  • Support in the search for funding.

We accompany you to the registration of your company by bringing you the good advice